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The 411 On JC (Real Talk)

25 Apr Posted by in Blogs | Comments

I didn’t realize how many people think I have a record deal. I’m flattered, but to set the record straight, I had a deal at 1 point but voluntarily opted out due to the corruptness and political structure of the label and labels in general.

I’m now 100% independent. No manager, no team, no label….just a few dope producers that I consider to be friends, my own company No.2 Pencil Muzik, and hundreds of thousands of supporters worldwide (pause– Thank You For The Support).

I’m currently focusing a lot of my attention on the overseas market because it’s more about “the music” rather than “label politics and money”. This is why I released my full version of Encore in Japan earlier this year. I’m now working on a deal in the UK to release an album there as well. I’m considering the option of a publishing deal (where I would be writing for other artists) but we’ll see how that negotiation process goes.

I’m not big on name dropping or signing deals just to say I have one. FYI…IT’S NOT HARD TO GET A RECORD DEAL THESE DAYS. However, it is hard to get a GOOD DEAL. The major artists you’ve grown to love were once shelved (put on the back burner) on labels for at least 5 years, sometimes 10 or more. And sometimes these labels just sign artists to take them off the market and have them on deck “just in case”; meanwhile, the artist is just a tax write off. 90% of the artists I know are broke!! And I’ll add that each label has 100’s of artists signed (some extremely talented) that you’ve never heard of and never will hear of. They’re just “property” of the label.

As far as the U.S is concerned….I’m taking the route of attempting to secure an investor instead of taking a sucka deal (this is a process). That way I can force labels to offer me something worth signing and enjoy doing what I love in the meantime. But until then…it’s all Indie but the music will always be QUALITY. Support ya boy!!! 😉

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